Gates Glidden Drills


Achieve effective Coronal Shaping and Root Canal Enlargement

Specially made for effective Coronal Shaping and Enlargement of Root Canals in addition to the removal of dentin and debris from the pulp chamber.

Available in two Active Lengths:
15mm (Total length 28mm)
19mm (Total length 32mm)

Shank: RA
Recommended Speed - 450-800 RPM
Each Pack contains an assortment of 6 Gates Glidden Drills in different shapes.

Made in Switzerland by Edenta.

What Are Gattes Glidden Drills?

Gates Glidden Drills are a set of endodontic instruments designed for use in root canal procedures. These drills are named after their inventor, Dr. John M. C. Gates, and are commonly used by dental professionals (mainly endodontists) to shape and enlarge the coronal portion of the root canal system. 

Key purposes and applications:

  1. Coronal Enlargement: These drills are designed to selectively remove dentin from the coronal aspect of the root canal, helping to create a wider opening at the top of the canal.

  2. Access to Canal Orifices: By enlarging the coronal portion, Gates Glidden Drills facilitate improved access to the canal orifices, allowing for better visibility and manipulation of other endodontic instruments.

  3. Debridement and Cleaning: The drills aid in the removal of debris, pulp tissue, and infected dentin from the pulp chamber, contributing to effective cleaning and disinfection of the root canal system.

  4. Facilitation of Instrumentation: The coronal shaping provided by Gates Glidden Drills can make it easier for subsequent endodontic instruments, such as files and reamers, to navigate and shape the more apical parts of the root canal.

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