EVE Orthodontic Polishers RA


High-Quality Orthodontic Polishers for Efficient and Safe Bracket Removal

Eagle Dental's EVE Orthodontic Polishers RA are specially designed for efficient and safe removal of brackets adhesive during debonding. Our polishers are available in Flame or Cup shapes and come in a pack of 12, ensuring that you have enough to handle multiple cases.

Our orthodontic polishers are made with high-quality silicon carbide abrasive that allows for precise and efficient polishing leaving a smooth finish. The durable bonding and long-lasting materials used in our polishers ensure that you get the most value for your money.

Available Sizes:

  • Flame Size: 5x10mm
  • Cup : 6x7.5mm


  • High-quality silicon carbide abrasive
  • Flame or Cup shapes for versatility
  • Leaves a smooth surface
  • Durable bonding and long-lasting materials

Instructions of use:

To achieve optimal results, we recommend using our polishers at a recommended RPM of 5000-7000. Please do not exceed 20,000 RPM to ensure the safety of your patients and the longevity of the polishers.

Upgrade your orthodontic practice with Eagle Dental's EVE Orthodontic Polishers RA, the reliable and effective solution for debonding brackets adhesive.

EVE orthodontic polishers RA


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