Endo Z bur

SKU: FG-EndoZ152


Safely Widen The Pulp Chamber

The Endo Z bur is specially designed for opening the pulp chamber and creating initial access to root canals. It features a tapered shape, non-cutting safety tip and six helical blades that allow you an easier access without the risk of perforation or edging. It is made of tungsten carbide for extra durability and efficiency. 

Each pack contains 5 Endo Z burs.

Top 5 Factors for Choosing a Good Endo Z Bur:

  1. Material Quality: Opt for durable, high-grade carbide for consistent cutting performance.
  2. Design Precision: Ensure a non-cutting tip and optimal taper for precise, safe access cavity preparation.
  3. Reputable Manufacturer: Choose trusted brands known for reliability and robust customer support.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Balance quality with affordability, and look for bulk purchase discounts.

Advantages of the Endo Z Bur

  1. Precision and Control:

    • Non-Cutting Tip: Prevents perforation and ensures safe navigation within the pulp chamber.
    • Lateral Cutting Edges: Allows for precise and efficient dentin removal, creating well-defined access cavities.
  2. Enhanced Access and Visibility: it's tapered design facilitates better visibility and easier access to root canals, aiding in the identification and cleaning of canal orifices.

  3. Efficiency:

    • High-Speed Use: Optimized for rapid and efficient removal of dentin with high-speed handpieces.
    • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality carbide or diamond, maintaining cutting efficiency over multiple uses.
  4. Safety:

    • Reduced Iatrogenic Damage: Minimizes risk of accidental perforations and damage, ensuring safer procedures.
    • Controlled Cutting Depth: Preserves anatomical integrity by allowing controlled depth of cut.
  5. Improved Treatment Outcomes: Enhances the overall efficiency by enabling proper access and visualization, crucial for thorough cleaning and shaping of canals.


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