Endo burs kit

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The kit you need for Root Canal Prep.

Discover our comprehensive Endodontic Burs Kit, expertly designed by professionals to provide unparalleled precision and versatility in root canal treatments and other procedures.

The Eagle Dental Endo Kit comprises a variety of burs designed for the precise cleaning, shaping, and preparation of root canals:

  • A4PF: Safe ceramic penetration without microfractures
  • FGB331: Quick and efficient metal penetration
  • FG-EndoZ152: Opening the pulp chamber without the risk of perforation
  • E3RM: Removing metal posts or weakening cementation screws
  • E3RF: Safely locating the canal entrance
  • A1LM: Precisely finding the canal entrance
  • A4LM: Opening the pulp chamber
  • PR2SF: Polishing composite material effectively
  • PR2XXF: Gentle composite polishing and finishing
  • A4SF: Intermediate composite polishing
  • A4XXF: Gentle composite polishing and finishing

Eagle Dental Endo Kit

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