Endo Reamer 10%

SKU: ST-10.35


Endo ST Reamer 10% for Engine Use - 6 per pack

Achieve precision with a mindful application of moderate pressure during procedures.

Technical Information: 

 ST-Reamer 10%

Taper: .10

Shank: RA

Length: 21 mm

Size: ISO 35

Recommended Max Speed: 300 RPM

Cat. No: ST-10.35

Made in Switzerland by Edenta.


Crown Down Technique Guidance:

1. Begin the treatment by skillfully preparing the direct coronal sector of the canal, utilizing the specialized ST-Reamer 10% file.

2. Establish a seamless glide path with the finesse of a manual K-file, opting for sizes 010 or 015. Determine the precise working length (WL) for optimal results.

3. Progress through the procedure using the 6% and 4% files, meticulously preparing until reaching a point 3 mm before the defined working length (WL).

4. Conclude the treatment with finesse as you carry out the apical finishing touches, utilizing the specialized 6% and 4% files.

Elevate your dental practice with the Edenta St Reamer 0.10 and embrace a realm of precision and efficiency in endodontic procedures.


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