Crown and bridge preparation kit


Crown and bridge preparation kit

A good crown and bridge preparation kit allow you to do tooth preparation accurately and effectively for different types of crowns, bridges, veneers, and onlays.

Crown preparation kit - Eagle Dental

Our Crown and Bridge preparation kit contains 10 burs for tooth preparation in porcelain fused to metal crowns.

The finishing line is a medium chamfer that has been successfully tested over many crowns and bridges.

The kit was designed by Dr. Michael Perez-Davidi, Chief of the prosthodontic department in Hadassah Dental School. 


crown prep bur kit

The crown prep bur kit includes the following burs:

Profile Cat. No. Application
Separation & Interproximal
Lingual / Palatinal preparation for Porcelain & all Ceram
Lingual / Palatinal preparation
Occlusal preparation
Preliminary quick reduction by very rough bur Chamfer
Continuance of reduction by coarse bur Chamfer
Continuance of reduction by medium bur Chamfer
Chamfer polishing & finishing line for anterior & posterior tooth
Chamfer very smooth polishing & finishing
0.7 mm Depth marker bur

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