40 x Diamond burs kit - Barak's special collection

SKU: BurStarterKit


Barak's Special Collection - 40 popular diamond burs 

Barak's special collection is an extremely useful kit for both beginners and advanced clinicians.

The kit contains 40 multi-use FG diamond burs in one large autoclabable block for different purposes: Cavity preparation, Crown and Bridge Preparations, palatinal areas preparations, Occlusal reductions and more.


The kit includes 5 of each bur:

Needle shape / Coarse grit

Flame shape / Medium grit

Flame shape / Super-Fine grit

Football shape / Medium grit

Football shape / Super-Fine grit

Flat End Cylinder / Medium grit

Flat End Taper / Medium grit

Round End Taper / Medium grit

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