Resorbable Collagen Membrane


Effortless Handling for Optimal Tissue Regeneration

Discover the Biocollagen Advantage – a resorbable collagen membrane that redefines simplicity in guided tissue and bone regeneration. Derived from equine Achilles tendon, this freeze-dried, de-antigenised, and anti-allergic membrane is not just 100% resorbable but also offers seamless handling.

Specifically designed for small graft sites. If left dry, can also work as haemostatic to stabilize granular grafts.


Used as an epithelial invasion barrier in bone regeneration procedures with grafts, Biocollagen membranes act as a protective shield for up to 6 weeks. As the natural process of endogenous collagenosis begins, the membrane gracefully initiates its resorption.

These versatile membranes find application in various scenarios, including:

  • Peri-implant defects
  • Post-extractive sockets 
  • Small bone losses
  • Covering sinus access windows
  • Repairing minor tears in the sinus membrane

Instructions for Use:

Ensuring ease of application, simply moisten the Biocollagen membrane for 1-2 minutes in a sterile physiological solution before applying it to the entire graft surface. This crucial step safeguards against epithelial and connective cell invasion, preventing any compromise in the bone regeneration process.

Seamless Handling:

Our membrane starts sturdy for easy placement maneuvering, then naturally softens within the oral environment, adapting seamlessly to graft site contours. This dynamic quality allows for precision adjustments during procedures.

Designed with simplicity in mind, it arrives in a user-friendly package with 6 sterile membranes in a compact glass bottle. Single-use application and compact dimensions (25x25x0.2mm) amplify the practicality of the product.

Why Collagen Matters?

Collagen, a fundamental protein in the connective tissues of all mammals, is the cornerstone of our Biocollagen membrane. Its natural presence ensures a robust homology with the human body, making it the prime choice for effective tissue regeneration.

Benefits at a Glance:

Biocollagen membranes are specifically designed to protect small graft sites and stabilize granular grafts. The estimated absorption time is a 6 weeks, making it an efficient choice for various dental procedures.

CE approved. Made in Italy by Bioteck.

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