Angled abutments - internal hex


Angled abutments for internal hex dental implants

Angled abutments are employed in situations where dental implants are not placed in a parallel position and a specific angle is necessary to attain the desired restorative shape.


Angled abutments - Eagle Dental Burs

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The angled abutments are made in Israel of high-quality, biocompatible titanium grade 23. They are made to work with the most popular dental implant system in the world - internal hex connection 2.42mm. Recommended Max. Torque 35 n/cm.

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Material: Titanium grade 23
System: Internal Hexagon 2.42 mm
Platform: Ø 3.5 mm
Max. Torque: 35 n/cm

Available sizes:

Angle: 15º, 25º degrees
Height: 9, 11 mm
Collar height: 1-4 mm

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