Barrier Envelopes

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The best protection for your phosphor plates!

Are you looking for the best protection for your phosphor plates and your patients? Look no further than Eagle Dental's Barrier Envelopes. They are soft, easy-to-tear, and affordable.

Each box contains 500 envelopes, Order now and enjoy express delivery worldwide!


What are Barrier Envelopes?

Phosphor plate envelopes are small pieces of plastic that protect the phosphor storage plate while it is being used in the patient's mouth from mechanical damage and contamination.

Eagle Dental Barrier Envelopes are made of soft medical materials to protect your patient and to keep the phosphor plate clean.

The X ray barrier envelopes are cost-effective and easy-to-use which allow you to save both time and money.

Each box contains 500 pcs of barrier envelopes of one of the available sizes: 0, 1, 2 and features:

  • Soft medical material
  • Easy-tear system
  • Affordable price

Dental radiographs AKA X-rays are used by dentists for many different reasons. In recent years, Phosphor plate scanners became more and more popular due to their ease of use, high quality and effectiveness.

The phosphor storage plates (PSP) are used as receptors for radiographies obtained by an X-Ray unit. Once the take is done, the Phosphor Plate is inserted to the digital scanner which reads it and send the image to the attached computer.

This type of Intraoral scanning eliminates the need for traditional film processing for dental radiography, that was very popular before. The PSP scanning system basically introduces the digital format to the day-to-day dental x-ray system. 

Phosphor plate barrier envelopes are small plastic covers that protect your digital imaging phosphor plates. Before taking an x-ray, you take the plate, put it inside the dental barrier envelopes, pill the sticker and seal it. After the patient inserts it to it's mouth, you tear the envelope and take out the phosphor plate safely.

Scanx barrier envelopes are simply branded X ray barrier envelopes made by Air Techniques company, a global corporation that is known for it's digital imaging equipment and supplies.  

Eagle Dental's barrier envelopes are highly recommended for any clinic or radiography center due to its high-quality and low-price.

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