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It's Football season! Kick off with our high-quality Carbide, Gold, and Diamond Football Burs. Shop online effortlessly and enjoy our fast express delivery. Score your perfect burs now!

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Football burs

Diamond, Carbide and Gold Football Burs

Discover our premium Football Burs collection, featuring top-quality diamond, carbide, and gold options. Perfect for precision and durability, our football burs are designed to meet all your dental preparation needs with excellence. Choose from our selection to enhance your practice's efficiency and patient outcomes.

What are Football burs?

Football burs are specialized dental rotary instruments used in various dental procedures for shaping, preparing, and finishing dental restorations. They are named "football burs" due to their distinctive shape, resembling a football. These burs come in different materials such as diamond, carbide, and gold, each tailored for specific applications in dentistry.

Football Diamond Burs:

Experience precision and efficiency with our Football Diamond Burs. These burs are perfect for cavity preparations, crown, and bridge work. With their superior cutting ability and durability, they ensure precise shaping and smooth preparations, allowing you to achieve optimal results with ease.

Carbide Diamond Burs:

For precise finishing and trimming, our Carbide Football Burs are the ideal choice. These burs excel in providing excellent control and accuracy, allowing you to refine and shape dental restorations with finesse. Their cutting edges and long-lasting performance make them indispensable tools in your dental practice.

Gold Diamond Burs:

When it comes to occlusal reduction and preparation, our Gold Football Burs are your go-to solution. These burs offer exceptional durability and efficiency, enabling you to achieve accurate reduction and precise shaping for optimal occlusal surfaces. Their unique design and superior cutting properties make them essential tools for achieving the desired occlusal results.

Eagle Dental Football Burs:

At Eagle Dental Burs, we pride ourselves on offering football burs of the highest quality. Our collection is meticulously curated to ensure that you have access to reliable and efficient tools that enhance your dental procedures. We understand the importance of precision and efficiency in your work, and our football burs are designed to meet your exacting standards.

With our Football Burs Collection, you can elevate your dental practice to new heights. Explore our range of football burs and experience the difference they can make in your procedures. We are dedicated to providing exceptional products and service, ensuring your satisfaction and success in delivering top-notch dental care.

Choose Eagle Dental Burs for your football burs needs and discover why we are the preferred choice of dental professionals worldwide. Experience the quality, precision, and reliability that our burs offer and take your practice to the next level.