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EVE polishers

Very popular dental polishing burs made in Germany. View our full selection of products below.
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EVE polishers

What are EVE polishers?

EVE polishers are dental polishing burs made for different materials and uses. They are known for their high-quality and durability which makes them very popular in dental clinics and labs.


About EVE company

EVE is a world-renowned leading manufacturer of rotary grinding and polishing instruments for different industrial areas.

To guarantee product quality EVE operates a quality assurance division that conducts incoming good inspections and production controls.

EVE products are made in Germany and are FDA and & CE approved.

About Eagle Dental Burs

Eagle Dental Burs is an online shop for dental rotary instruments and dental supplies. We provide high-quality products and services for professional dentists and dental labs around the world. For more info click here.

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