Round End Cross Cut Tapered Fissure Burs


Round End Cross Cut Tapered Fissure by Eagle Dental Burs

Round end tapered fissure burs and cross cut tapered fissure burs are very popular types of carbide burs used in dentistry. This unique bur combines the benefits of both into one bur - Round end cross cut tapered fissure bur, which also known as 1702 bur due to its catalog number. 

Our Round End Cross Cut Tapered Fissure burs are made in Israel and feature premium quality and high durability. The shank is FGOS, the Head size 1.6mm and the head length is 4.1 mm. 

All of our carbide burs are made of one-piece tungsten carbide material for maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Our carbide burs feature consistent results, excellent cutting, minimum chatter and the ability to withstand repeated sterilization without rusting.

Our tapered fissure cross cut burs demonstrate superior control and a better finish. 

Each pack contains 5 carbide burs made in Israel.



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