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330 carbide burs: Pear shaped burs


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What are 330 carbide burs?

One of the most popular FG burs is the 330 carbide bur. Its pear-shaped design is very useful in many types of preparations. 

The 330 carbide burs are made for a single piece tungsten carbide material for maximum efficiency and superior control.

The 330 short shank is ideal for tight situations with limited mouth openings.  


Why choose Eagle Dental 330 Carbide burs?

Eagle Dental 330 carbide burs are made in Israel and feature great quality and high durability. They are cost-effective and last longer than your average bur.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with each and every purchase.

Each pack contains 5 pear shaped burs of your desired size.

pear shape carbide burs
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