557 carbide burs


What are 557 carbide burs? 

The 557 carbide bur is a surgical bur specially made for multiple dental procedures. It has 6 blades and a flat end which makes it ideal for fast preparation of the gingival and pulpal walls and for amalgam preparation.

Its cross cut design is made for aggressive cutting in high speed (FG shank). Ensure that you aren't using too much speed as they can overheat.

557 carbide bur eagle dental

How to use 557 carbide burs:

1. Start with slow RPM and increase speed rapidly until you reach the desired speed level. 
2. Do not use very high RPM as it can overheat. 
3. Don't force the bur into the turbine.
4. Sterilize before each and every use.

Why choose Eagle Dental 557 burs?

Eagle dental carbide burs are made in Israel from one-piece tungsten carbide material. Their advantages include consistent results, effortless cutting, less chatter, exceptional handling control and improved finish.

The 557 carbide bur is suitable for autoclaving and won't rust even after repeated sterilization.

Each pack contains 5 high-quality 557 carbide burs.


Eagle Dental 557 carbide burs

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