MCX5 milling burs: PMMA, PEEK, WAX


MCX5 burs: milling burs for PMMA, Wax & PEEK

MCX5 burs for PMMA, Wax and PEEK are milling burs for wet or dry conditions. They are used in Sirona InLab MC X5 milling process.

MCX5 milling burs by Eagle Dental 

Eagle Dental MCX5 milling burs are compatible uncoated milling burs for InLab mc x5 milling unit.

They provide dental professional with a cost-effective solution to the original Sirona InLab burs. 

They feature high compatibility and great durability which allow you to save both time and money in the long-run.


Each pack contains 1 MCX5 milling bur of the following sizes:

  • REF 6478031 - 2.5 mm
  • REF 6478049 - 1.0 mm
  • REF 6478056 - 0.5 mm

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