Degranulation Kit – Eagle Dental Burs

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Degranulation Kit


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Degranulation Kit 

  • Designed morphologically to tear out all the remnants of soft tissue which are well attached to the bone and grab them out without harming the bone.

  • The debridement process is done quickly and effectively.

  • The drills are more precise and do not grab the bone compared to tungsten burs.

  • The drills are connected to physiodispenser working in a sterile environment.

  • The speed can be adjusted according to the kind of the procedure performed hence preventing emphysema.

    Multi use unique suction which is designed exclusively for excellent direct visualization of the infected area (is always the best technique) to ensure optimal debridement.


  • Optimal debridement of the inflammatory tissue is achieved which cannot be done manually by surgical spoon curette.

  • Multi task drills can be used in implantology, periodontal surgery, endodontic surgery, and root removal.

  • Maximum safety when working near anatomical structure.

  • Multiuse drills (more than 100 procedures).


Cat. No. Head Size Total Length  
1 mm 31 mm
2.5 mm 31 mm
3.0 mm 31 mm
3.5 mm 31 mm

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