Degranulation Burs Kit


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Degranulation Burs Kit for Efficient Tissue Removal

Are you seeking an efficient and precise solution for granulation tissue removal in dental procedures? Look no further than our revolutionary Degranulation Burs Kit. This comprehensive kit is designed to simplify the removal of granulation tissue, offering versatility and effectiveness that enhance patient outcomes and streamline your dental procedures.

Enhance your degranulation procedures with our revolutionary Degranulation Burs Kit. Designed to simplify the removal of granulation tissue, this comprehensive kit offers a versatile and effective solution that improves patient outcomes and boosts efficiency.

Tear out remnants of soft tissue attached to bone without harming the bone itself. Our unique suction system ensures excellent direct visualization of the infected area, optimizing debridement and preventing emphysema. This technique guarantees optimal tissue removal that can't be achieved manually.

Key Advantages:

  • Optimal debridement, surpassing manual surgical spoon curettes.
  • Multi-task drills suitable for implantology, periodontal surgery, endodontic surgery, and root removal.
  • Maximum safety near anatomical structures.
  • Multi-use drills for over 100 procedures.

Experience Effortless Degranulation:

The Degranulation Burs Kit is your ultimate tool for precise and efficient granulation tissue removal. Bid farewell to time-consuming procedures and welcome streamlined workflows. Whether handling challenging cases or routine degranulation, our kit enhances the efficiency of your procedures.

What You Need to Know:

Backed by research and expertise, the Degranulation Kit is a game-changer. It includes specialized burs designed to cater to various needs. From controlled removal to thorough cleaning, our kit's versatility maximizes efficiency.

Additional Benefits:

  • Enhanced Precision: Achieve accurate and controlled removal, promoting faster healing and improved oral health.
  • Streamlined Procedures: Simplify your degranulation process, enhancing your workflow and boosting productivity.
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction: Minimize discomfort and complications, leading to higher patient satisfaction rates.
  • Trusted Quality: Manufactured to the highest standards, our burs ensure consistent performance and reliability.

Upgrade Your Degranulation Game:

With our Degranulation Burs Kit, you'll not only enhance patient outcomes but also elevate your practice. Improve patient satisfaction, achieve optimal results, and redefine your approach to dental care.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your degranulation procedures. Order the Degranulation Burs Kit now and experience the difference for yourself. Redefine your dental care approach and provide exceptional treatment that sets your practice apart.


granulation tissue removal


Cat. No. Head Size Total Length  
1 mm 31 mm
2.5 mm 31 mm
3.0 mm 31 mm
3.5 mm 31 mm


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