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zirconia adjustment kit: Cutting, Endo access and Polishing


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zirconia adjustment kit for cutting, Endo access and Polishing 

Eagle Dental Zirconia burs are excellent for rapid & efficient adjustment of: Zirconia, EMAX, PFM, Procad, Vita and other ceramic materials. They allow you to achieve a flawless finish without scratches.

The Zirconia crown adjustment kit includes 10 zirconia burs and 2 zirconia polishing burs for all procedures:


Marginal ridge

Occlusal surface

Lingual surface

Margin adjustment

Trimming excess materials

Zirconia crown & bridge removal

Zirconia Endo access

Zirconia Polishing & finishing

See the video below to learn more about the advantages of our Zirconia burs:

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